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JSON Processing

Question asked by Bill_Barnes Champion on May 9, 2014
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I am confused how to specify the JSONPath expression and how to troubleshoot it.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

My data:

[[ {"label": "/OSS/Spectrum/Central_Users#ActiveUsers 600 raw#vsum_hole", "data": [ [1399642800,25.0]] } ] ]

Under the "data" part, the first number is a Unix timestamp, the second number is the value.

I have gone out to and tested out the JSONPath Expressions and was able to get:

$[1] - to pull off just the data piece (25)

$[0][0] - to pull off the timestamp.


When I put this into the parameters for "Metric Value and Metric Timestamp respectively, then hit test I get "Testing Error. index: 1, Size: 1.

Any ideas, suggestions?  What does the Testing Error. index: 1, Size 1 mean?