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CA Clarity PPM v12.1 "cannot execute binary file" on Linux

Question asked by ClaudioMartini on Nov 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2010 by ClaudioMartini
Hi all
After installing the CA Clarity PPM v12.1 (LINUX) services (BEACON, NSA, APP e
BG) not start showing error in line 523 "cannot execute binary file"

Temporary Bypass: Copied the files (The files are not binary) NIKUAPP,
NIKUBG, NIKUBEACON and NIKUNSA from release 12.0 SP6 and start the service successfully

The following files were created while installing in as binary (Correct scritp is on Linux), they are:
* Nikuappcmd;
* Nikubeaconcmd;
* Nikubgcmd;
* Nikunsacmd.

Has anyone seen this before?