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Workflow Task for other groups

Question asked by Manish9jul on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by Hichem


We created a task assignment process  for different group for CA SD. Suppose an incident is created in CA SD now we want to involve more that one team to resolve the incident as CA SD  doesnt allow to assign one incident to multiple group at a time so we thought to create the task for different team so that multiple team can work in incident at the same time.
Whenever an incident is created and if assigned group needs to involve the multiple team then it will change the category of incident so that PAM task assignment process will be attached.Now we want whenever assignement process is attached, two task task1 and task2 should be displayed under the task tab in CA SD.
We have created the IRF form so that SD user can put  some detail related to task like task desciption,Task Group,Status,comment,as SD user submmit these details in IRF form and email will be sent to task assigned group DL  and now task assignee will click on the email url and can see the pending task now user will complete the task and set the status as complete and task as completed also displays in the CA SD the same process will be repeat for task 2 also.

Please let me know can we built such functionality..