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Attributes not captured while recording WS

Question asked by saravanan77 on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 15, 2014 by Rick.Brown


I tried to record WS request/response but LISA failed to capture the attributes and its value.

WS Request :-
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
<ns1:CustomerVerificationStatusLookupRequest ns1:UID="***" xmlns:ns1="***">
<ns1:KV ns1:Key="K1" ns1:Value="V1"/>
<ns1:KV ns1:Key="K2" ns1:Value="V2"/>
<ns1:KV ns1:Key="K3" ns1:Value="V3"/>
<ns1:KV ns1:Key="K4" ns1:Value="9701"/>
<ns1:KV ns1:Key="K5" ns1:Value="V5"/>
<ns1:KV ns1:Key="K6" ns1:Value="Y"/>
<ns1:KV ns1:Key="K7" ns1:Value="Y"/>
<ns1:KV ns1:Key="K8" ns1:Value="V8"/>
<ns1:KV ns1:Key="K9" ns1:Value="V9"/>
<ns1:KV ns1:Key="K10" ns1:Value="2014-04-14T23:17:59Z"/>
Screenshot attached.
I like to generate response based on "K1" key value(that is V1).  How to do it ? If i need to write match script, please provide some samples to access attribute values.
Saravanan A