Looking for a few pointers with GEL and properties.xml

Discussion created by adam.a.flanagan on Nov 15, 2010
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I'm just starting out with GEL and I've written a fairly simple script to update cost details. It validates through the command line but won't run, which I think is due to not being able to grab the properties.xml to know where the db is. Ho do I pass it the file ? Or place the file correctly for it to get picked up ?? Also, when I run this inside a process I get an error about badly formed XML.

Any help gratefully appreciated.
<!-- Some header stuff -->
<gel:script xmlns:core="jelly:core"
    xmlns:j="jelly:core" xmlns:jx=""
    xmlns:sql="jelly:sql" xmlns:util="jelly:util"
    xmlns:xog="http://localhost/niku/xog" xmlns:xsi="">

    <!-- XOG web server & credentials -->
    <gel:parameter default="admin" var="XOGusername"/>
    <gel:parameter default="password" secure="false" var="XOGpassword"/>
    <gel:parameter default="" var="XOGserver"/>

<!-- Get a DB Connection to Clarity -->
    <gel:setDataSource dbId="Niku"/>

<!-- Setup a var for debugging purposes -->

<core:set value="${gel_objectInstanceId}" var="intSpend"/>

<!--<core:set value="5013438" var="intSpend"/>-->

<!-- Get the details of the project -->

<j:catch var="errGetProject">
        <sql:query escapeText="false" var="GetProject">                            


FROM inv_investments I, fin_plans CP, fin_plans BP, biz_com_periods SP, biz_com_periods EP

WHERE CP.object_id = 

AND = 'Cost Plan' 

AND BP.object_id = 

AND = 'Hard Benefits' 

AND = CP.start_period_id 

AND = CP.end_period_id 

AND IN ( SELECT odf_parent_id FROM odf_ca_gsk_spend WHERE id = ? )

  <sql:param value="${intSpend}"/>
        <j:when test="${errGetProject != null}">
            <gel:log level="ERROR">SQL Error on getting project details ${errGetProject}</gel:log>
            <core:set value="${GetProject.rows[0].prj_id}" var="intProjectID"/>
            <core:set value="${GetProject.rows[0].prj_name}" var="strProjectName"/>
            <core:set value="${GetProject.rows[0].prj_code}" var="strProjectCode"/>
            <core:set value="${GetProject.rows[0].cp_code}" var="strCostCode"/>
            <core:set value="${GetProject.rows[0].bp_code}" var="strBenCode"/>
            <core:set value="${GetProject.rows[0].start_period}" var="strStartPeriod"/>
            <core:set value="${GetProject.rows[0].end_period}" var="strEndPeriod"/>

<!-- Get the spends/transactions -->

<j:catch var="errSpends">
        <sql:query escapeText="false" var="GetSpends">                            

SELECT exp_id, cat_id, TO_CHAR(start_spend, 'YYYY-MM-DD') start_spend, TO_CHAR(end_spend, 'YYYY-MM-DD') end_spend, 

 TO_CHAR(SUM(spend_amt), 999999999.9) spend_amt, exp_id || '_' || cat_id Detail


SELECT SP.expenditure, EX.prexternalid EXP_ID, EX.prname EXP_NAME, 

SP.category, TC.transclass CAT_ID, TC.description CAT_NAME,, SP.spend_amt, 


TO_DATE('01/'||TO_CHAR(SP.spend_date, 'MM/YYYY'), 'DD/MM/YYYY') START_SPEND,  

ADD_MONTHS(TO_DATE('01/'||TO_CHAR(SP.spend_date, 'MM/YYYY'), 'DD/MM/YYYY'), 1) - 1 END_SPEND 

FROM odf_ca_gsk_spend SP, prchargecode EX, transclass TC 

WHERE SP.expenditure = EX.prid 

AND SP.category = 

AND SP.odf_parent_id = ? 


GROUP BY exp_id, cat_id, start_spend, end_spend 

ORDER BY exp_id, cat_id, start_spend ASC 

<sql:param value="${intProjectID}"/>
        <j:when test="${errSpends != null}">
            <gel:log level="ERROR">SQL Error on getting spends/transactions ${errSpends}</gel:log>

<!-- Do our ting -->

<!-- Build the main XML -->

<gel:parse var="xmlDocument">

<NikuDataBus xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/nikuxog_costPlan.xsd">

<Header action="write" externalSource="NIKU" objectType="costPlan" version=""/>


<CostPlan benefitPlanCode="${strBenCode}" code="${strCostCode}"

finishPeriod="${strEndPeriod}" investmentCode="${strProjectCode}"

investmentType="PROJECT" isPlanOfRecord="1" name="Cost Plan"

periodType="MONTHLY" primaryPlanBy="CHARGECODE"

secondaryPlanBy="TRANSCLASS" startPeriod="${strStartPeriod}">


<CustomInformation><ColumnValue name="partition_code">NIKU.ROOT</ColumnValue></CustomInformation>





<!-- Build a node template -->

<gel:parse var="nodeTemp">

<Detail detail2Name="category" detailName="expenditure">


<ColumnValue name="gsk_it_cr_currency">GBP</ColumnValue>

<ColumnValue name="partition_code">NIKU.ROOT</ColumnValue>



<PlanData cost="0.0" end_date="2010-12-31"
revenue="0.0" start_date="2010-12-01" units="0.0"/>


<!-- Setup a switch or two -->

<core:set value="" var="strCurrentDetail"/>

<!-- Iterate through the rows -->

<core:forEach items="${GetSpends.getRows()}" var="row">

<core:if test="${row.Detail != strCurrentDetail}">

<!-- start a new detail up -->

<core:set value="${row.Detail}" var="strCurrentDetail"/>

<!-- grab a copy of the template -->

<gel:set select="$nodeTemp/Detail" var="detailNode"/>

<!-- update the values -->

<gel:set value="${row.exp_id}" select="$detailNode/@detailName"/>

<gel:set value="${row.cat_id}" select="$detailNode/@detail2Name"/>

<!-- insert it into the master doc -->

<gel:set value="${detailNode}" select="$xmlDocument/Details" insert="true"/>


<!-- spit the row -->

<!-- grab a copy of the template -->

<gel:set select="$nodeTemp/PlanData" var="planNode"/>

<!-- update the values -->

<gel:set value="${row.spend_amt}" select="$planNode/@cost"/>

<gel:set value="${row.start_spend}" select="$planNode/@start_date"/>

<gel:set value="${row.end_spend}" select="$planNode/@end_date"/>

<!-- insert it into the master doc -->

<gel:set value="${planNode}" select="$xmlDocument/Details/Detail" insert="true"/>


<!-- send output to a file 

<core:catch var="serializeThis">

<gel:serialize fileName="update_cost_plan_debug.xml" var="${xmlDocument}"/>



<!-- ok, now we need to zap this thing in -->

<core:catch var="thisXog">

<soap:invoke endpoint="${XOGserver}" var="result">


xmlns:soap-env="" xmlns:xog="">


<xog:Login xmlns="">




<gel:include select="$xmlDocument"/>







<!-- End do our ting -->