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Preparing Presentation for .Net Developers

Question asked by HartfordFireInsurance on May 15, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by HartfordFireInsurance

Hi, I am creating a presentation for developers on the benefits of using Service Virtualization from a .Net developer’s perspective.  So far I plan to:

1. Describe/show how to create a web service and web application using C# and .Net. 

2. Deploy the web service & web application to an IIS web server. 

3. Use the generated WSDL and create and deploy the LISA virtual service model.

4. Change the endpoint, of the web application, to use the LISA virtual service. 

5. Run the web application and demonstrate how it is now hitting the LISA endpoint instead of the real endpoint. 

Anyone have any additional suggestions?  I plan on creating a draft/overview of the above and then posting it to our CA LISA CT User group: