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SECURE SUBPAGES - Access Rights (removing)

Question asked by Dave on Nov 15, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by Dave
My question of the day is;

I have a secure subpage against the PROJECT object.

I grant a superuser system group EDIT rights on that page and other normal PM/PMO users VIEW rights - these are all granted at SYSTEM level.

I also allow my PM/PMO users "Project - Edit Access Rights" (generally).

[color=#FD0606]PROBLEM[color] : I have discovered that my sneaky users are using their ability to "Edit Access Rights" to grant themselves EDIT rights on my secure subpage. (Despite being told not to!)

I want to stop them doing that, whilst still allowing them their 'normal' "Edit Access Rights" functionality.

So.... how can I do that in a supported manner?

I can do it unsupported by turning off IS_ACTIVE against the CMN_SEC_GROUPS for the project instance access right - has anyone done that sort of thing? (I'll have to raise a customisation request to get that done though).


[color=#FD0606]ANOTHER PROBLEM[color] : and how do I stop people updating my "secure" data through OWB even when they DON'T HAVE that page access right. Pah! :mad: