Clarity Upgrade 13.01 to 13.3

Discussion created by swiles on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by swiles

Hi, we are hoping someone else on Premise may have ran into the same issue here:

We recently made the upgrade without incident in our development environment, the user interface works fine and all functionality works, except for the Business Objects integration within the application. After confirming that Business Objects is just fine (we can actually run old and new reports directly from that application), we put in a case with CA. After working with 3 techs and escalating to our account manager, they are out of ideas on what could be the integration issue (we can log in into BO from Clarity, then it just stalls), where they were mainly changing configurations and restarting the server. SO we decided to restart the NSA services to see if that would help.

New problem now exists: the Admin interface is locked up. You put in your password and it just spins in the browser. Our current plan is to shut down the services and re-deploy them all, then install the newest bug patch (13.3.04) to see if it helps. This has been extremely buggy so far.

Has anyone else run into this sort of thing with this upgrade? Our server health report has come back fine, UI works fine. What have you done when this happens? Anything you can suggest would be helpful.