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error running OOB Clarity reports: table not found/CA reports does not exi

Question asked by mphelan on Nov 16, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
I'm in the process of upgrading my Clarity installation from Clarity 8.1.1 to Clarity 12.1. As part of that process, I'm upgrading Business Objects from XI R2 to XI R3. I have successfully installed Business Objects to a Windows 2008 R2 server. I have followed the instructions in the installation guide for Clarity 12.1, including the import of the two CA Clarity universes (one was legacy and the other was the most recent universe). I have successfully connected Business Objects to my Oracle 11g database. I have run the Clarity-side jobs, Create BusinessObjects Users and Update Business Objects Report Tables. I am finding that I am unable to run the out of the box Clarity reports, via InfoView. The error which I receive is "table not found." I am also unable to run the out of the box Clarity reports, in Clarity. The error I receive is "The path node 'CA Reports' does not exist in the repository."

I would appreciate any assistance with this configuration problem. I have already engaged CA support. CA support has verified that my installation is correct. They chose to test connections in the Business Objects designer, as well as to add the Project ID from the CA Clarity universe to a Web Intelligence document in InfoView, and to Run Query, resulting in a report containing the five million numbers of the various projects in my Clarity installation.