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Breadcrumb (navigation) in Clarity

Question asked by gerry.doherty on May 21, 2014
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Hi All,

A couple of years ago when v13 was being discussed by the CA Pre-Sales on eof the many new features that was mentioned was the implementation of Breadcrumb navigation. We have just finished upgrading our Dev environment frrom v12 to v13.2, and while we can see some evidence on the Administraton side, e.g.

Object: Project | Partition: System | View: Project Properties | Mode: Edit - Property Layout

we see nothing on the Application side (for custom objects).

Our site uses a lot of custom objects and sub-objects, and there is no way for a user to know exactly where they are simply by looking at the screen (see attached).


My questions are:

1) Have I missed something in our upgrade to enable them in the Application side?

2) If not, does anyone know if they are to be implemented in a furture release?


Thanks for your help,