Question about staging a suite

Discussion created by chaja22 Employee on May 21, 2014

One of our users had the following question and I thought I would share it with the community:

I had a quick question about staging a suite.
Say a suite has 5 tests, and I stage it for 5 instances, how is LISA supposed to run the tests.
Does it run test1 for 5 concurrent instances, then move onto test2 and so on..
Or.. does it pick tests at random (I’d assume it’s the later).



A staging document cannot be applied to a test suite, but only the tests themselves.

Therefore, within the test suite, each test should have a staging document assigned to it.
When you execute a test suite, all of the tests within it will be run sequentially or in parallel as is set using the “run mode” option. That being said, each test+staging doc combo should execute only once (unless you’ve specified the same test multiple times).