Mechanism for calculating Totalcost and Price fields in PPA_WIP table

Discussion created by Dhivya_1 on May 22, 2014

Here comes a scenario,

Clarity version - 13.2

Rate Matrix for a project is defined as 0 for Rate, Standard Cost and Actual Cost.
Only Rate Source is selected in Project’s financial page. Note – No Cost Source is selected.
Cost plan is created and transactions are posted and the Actuals are reflected on the cost plan with some values.
In PPA_WIP_Values table, PRICE column shows as 62. We are curious to know how this field populates where Actual Cost is 0 in the rate matrix.

Note -

The 'PRICE' field is basically the 'Actual Cost' rate that is defined
from the live matrix (PPA_MATRIX/PPA_MATRIXVALUES). We defined Actual Cost as 0

Quick response is much highly appreciated.