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Clarity 13 Application URL not working after installation

Question asked by MirleniaMendoza on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by JairFloresDC


After installation we are not able to access the application url. There are no errors, everything is complete and installed.

Could it be something with the port 80? Accesses?

We have looked into all the logs.

One that called my attention was the one named: app-access-TODAYSDATE.log is blank!!! It says: No Information... I think it supposed to behave and record entries as the nsa-access.log that shows the connections (example my ip).

Our database is complete with status AVAILABLE, up and running.

Nevertheless, we don't the a DB service deployed because we are using TOMCAT


These are the services status:

CA Clarity PPM Beacon [beacon] is running: PID:23795, Wrapper:STARTED, Java:STARTED
CA Clarity PPM App Server [app] is running: PID:24014, Wrapper:STARTED, Java:STARTED
CA Clarity PPM System Admin Server [nsa] is running: PID:24242, Wrapper:STARTED, Java:STARTED
CA Clarity PPM Background Server [bg] is running: PID:24493, Wrapper:STARTED, Java:STARTED


Any ideas, I searche the communities for this but didn't find a solution yet.