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Auto Team Creation for Ideas

Question asked by demca02 Employee on May 25, 2014
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I need to add a new functionality on Ideas. When a user creates an idea, we want to add all department members of created user to team, then they all will be able to enter timeentries for this idea. 

I thought that I can do it via an SP and analyzed SQL trace of adding a new resource to idea team. Steps seems as follow,

-- Add required records to prteam and odf_ca_team tables.

-- Add required records to prassignment and odf_ca_assignment taables.

-- Delete and Insert related timeslice tables. 

There are some questions that I am currently working on;

-- How to set ID fields and  what is sequencing mechanism

-- How to set timevarying binary data fields(blob fields). 
I will use a reference record for that.  I mean I will copy this fields from a reference team record. Because I only want to show this ideas on timesheets. 


It doesn't seem like a good way to do that via an SP. Is it possible to do this kind of customization in a different way. Did you ever made this kind of customization? Do you have any suggestion for this?

Thanks in advance

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