SDM 12.7 C2 RO68594 "TabBanner" error on Attachments

Discussion created by Kyle_R Employee on May 26, 2014
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Hello Everyone,

There have been a few reports of a "TabBanner" error when trying to load Attachments on Service Desk Manager 12.7, after applying Cumulative Patch 2 RO68594.

There is a data file that should be loaded within this patch, which is causing this issue. I'll follow through with our CA Software Engineering team to see if there is a problem with the distribution, but in the meantime, here is a workaround.

Note: Only use this if you observe this problem. Sites with the data file loaded will not this see problem and should not use this workaround.

======================================== START WORKAROUND             
Applied SDM 12.7 Cumulative Patch 2. Error comes up on attaching files:
"AHD04622:Undefined arguments Style supplied to PDM_MACRO TABBANNER."
Cumulative Patch RO68594 contains USRD 2601, patch T5N6419.           
This T patch contained instructions in the .JCL file for loading an additional "ascii.dat" file which contained an update.                
This can be worked around by following these steps:                   
Modify data_USRD_2601_UPDATE.dat file to add the name column from:    
TABLE usp_pdmMacro                                                    
  id text                                                              
  { "1174", "if (typeof &{btnfunc} == \"function\") {\\0012            
tab_banner(\"&{title}\", &{add_btns}, &{show_bar}, &{btns_in_two_rows},
&{btnfunc}, \"&{style}\");\\0012}\\0012else {\\0012                   
tab_banner(\"&{title}\", &{add_btns}, &{show_bar}, &{btns_in_two_rows},
void(0), \"&{style}\");\\0012}" }                                   

TABLE usp_pdmMacro                                                     
  id name text                                                          
  { "1174", "tabBanner", "if (typeof &{btnfunc} == \"function\") {\\0012
tab_banner(\"&{title}\", &{add_btns}, &{show_bar}, &{btns_in_two_rows},
&{btnfunc}, \"&{style}\");\\0012}\\0012else {\\0012                    
tab_banner(\"&{title}\", &{add_btns}, &{show_bar}, &{btns_in_two_rows},
void(0), \"&{style}\");\\0012}" }                                      
where the "name" column with value "tabBanner" are new.                
Then load  the data file again:                                        
pdm_load -u -f data_USRD_2601_UPDATE.dat                               
Refresh the cache:                                                     
pdm_cache_refresh -t usp_pdmMacro                                      

Please check out this solution on your test environment and confirm it works.                                                                         
======================================== END WORKAROUND                

The data is clearly there in the origianl T patch in a file called "ascii.dat" which *is* loaded in the T patch, but which is not loaded in the Cumulative Patch. I am not recommending loading of the ascii.dat file at present, as the above line is sufficient to resolve the issue, and as I'm not sure of the impacts of the language pack distribution.

I hope that helps someone. Please add a post here if it does!

Thanks, Kyle_R.