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How to use "Select Object" operator - CA SDM connector.

Question asked by ijreis on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by AGUPTA.1

Hello :)

I'm trying to use the "Select Object" operator, from CA Service Desk connector package ... (i'm simulating this on a ITASM 7.2 environment)

The main idea is: my process will have as input the Persistant ID from one Incident , and need to get data from one field of that Incident, and do a query based on it.

I'm using the operator " Select Object", and i have the following configuration:

Request Number: Process.persid -> i will use a SRF , and this value will be passed through here. but for now,i'm passing it manually, based on an incident already created (cr:value)

Select Fields List: external_system_ticket (as example ... ) 

on my Post Execution code i have: Process.external_system_ticket =Process[OpName].SelectDataResponse.UDSObject[0].Attributes[0].Attribute[0].AttrValue[0].text_;

and i'm getting the following error:

-- TypeError: Cannot read property "UDSObject" from undefined (#2)


any hint about it?

Thanks in advance!