Discussion created by Peter_B. on May 26, 2014
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Hi Guys, 

I have an issue in Clarity Issue is in the cost plan which i'd like to edit, usually i'm able edit periods according to first cost plan which i access after log in. All other cost plans are editable for same period even they have different start and finish period. I've discussed this topic with CA support and i get info it is a defect, please find defect details below: 

The defect details : CLRT-73407 
Description : Cost plan details page TSVs are following the range of 
editable and non-editable cells based on properties of first cost plan 
accessed by the user

The solution for this should be installation of patch 4 which i just did and currently i have a version " 04 3" but issue is still there. In readme file which is attached to patch jar i cannot find mentioned defect in the list of resolved defects.

Does anybody of you had simillar issue with mentioned defect CLRT-73407? I cannot even find this defect on CA page. Would be great if anybody have any hint or the best exactly file with code which should be adjusted. 


Peter B