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Information required on CA LISA Product offering

Question asked by VikasDwivedi on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by VikasDwivedi

Hello All,

My company is obtaining CA LISA product and I have been given responsibility to select the right product from the CA catalog. I have selected "CA Lisa Virtualization Power User" product from the catalog which matches our requirement. I have selected CA Lisa Virtualization Power User product with the below understanding.

"CA Lisa Virtualization Power User product contains CA LISA workstation and CA LISA Service Virtualization (Desktop version) product. CA LISA workstation product will allow creation of virtual services (for mainframe, databases, web services etc.) without any additional license and allow deployment of these virtual services in virtual service environment, available in local desktop.."

Could you please verify my understanding about CA Lisa Virtualization Power User product?

Thanks In Advance.