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Clarity Microsoft Project Integration Issue

Question asked by christie.j on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by christie.j
We use Clarity (v13.2) with Microsoft Project (MSP 2010).  We had been using the integration successfully until the last few months.  For some reason the Clarity add-in in MSP is getting deactivated for some of our users.  We used to be able to reactivate the add-in in MSP and the integration would work again, but for a few of our users this no longer works.  The add-in will not reactivate no matter what we try.  We have tried fully uninstalling and reinstalling the integration, uninstalling and reinstalling MSP, etc.  Nothing works.  We submitted a CA support request but the rep was not able to help us.  We were told that they had seen this issue several times and normally uninstalling and reinstalling everything several times fixes it.  This has not worked for us. The next step they said was to get all of our machines reimaged but this is really not a good option, it is difficult to get this done and our users are not happy to be told to do this. 
Has anyone experienced this issue?  Were you able to resolve it successfully?