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Question asked by Lowell on May 30, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2014 by Lowell

Hi All,

My users want to track "Releases" for Tasks.  Their definition of "Release" is to have groups of "Milestones".

My solution is to have a subobject of the Investment called (Task Release Tracking OBJ), that allows users to define "Releases" at the Project or (other investment object) level by creating SubObject entries.

My next plan is to create a lookup Field at the Task level that uses a lookup of any entry in the Subobject of Investment (Task Release Tracking OBJ) to select.


Project 1

  (Task Release Tracking OBJ) Entry:  Release Blowback 2

Project 2

   (Task Release Tracking OBJ) Entry: Release TPS-R-1

When a user is in the Milestone Task for Project 2, the filter on the task should only show the Entry option: "Release Blowback 2".


How do I get a lookup to limit the selections based on the current Investment you are in?