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drop-down failing to load valuemap

Question asked by jazzmann91 on Nov 18, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2010 by MaryGreening
The following is from the ITPAM r2.2 User Guide:

Optionally, you can select the Expression check box to specify a ValueMap or indexed list that defines the Key/Values pairs. In the Expression box, specify an expression that returns any of the following in a Dataset:
■ A ValueMap with two indexed fields of simple types
The index fields must be named "Keys" and "Values".
■ A ValueMap with field names representing keys.
The values assigned to the fields represent the values. Only simple field-types are selected. Other types are ignored.
■ An array of ValueMaps (an indexed ValueMap).
The ValueMaps each have two fields: "Key" and "Value". Both fields must be simple types.
■ A single array of simple values
The values are used for both the key and value.

I have tried all four and my drop-down is still not filling with values. Has anyone succeeded using the Expression field for this purpose? Can you provide an example of what you put in the Expression field or what your valuemap looks like.

Additionally, I would like to load the drop-down with dynamic values. I'm sensing this is not possible. Anyone know if it is?