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Process Engine Alerting

Question asked by CMCN1982 on Jun 3, 2014
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Hi all,


this may not be possible but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as a workaround.

As part of our daily checks for Clarity we would check in on Process Engine status and verify that the heartbeat is updating regularly as expected. However, this wouldn't be done over the weekend or outside business hours for example. We do have a monitor in place whereby if the bg service stops our on-call support person is alerted and we can respond appropriately.

However, we do not have an alerting mechanism in place for when the process engine heartbeat is not updating. This is a problem for us, especially in out-of-ours scenarios. Recently, although the process engine had a "Running" status, the heartbeat was not updating. Therefore a number of scheduled jobs were impacted.

My question is this, is it possible to generate some sort of an alert/email if the heartbeat has not updated in more than 12/15 minutes?