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VSE - Service Inspection view - Request  ordering

Question asked by MatthewWood62133886 on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by Stefana_Muller


Until recently our test team were able to browse the Lisa VSE Console (http://vse-ip:1505), go into Service Inspection View mode of a particular service and the requests would be displayed in descending order by date.  For no apparent reason (no known recent change to affect this) i'm told, the Recent Requests are now displaying in a non-date ordered manner.

Is there a known configuration parameter to enforce the ordering of Recent Requests in insepction view to sort in a particular order (preferably descending datetime)?
It is possible to click on the Live Request column title but it just reverses the current displayed order and doesn't actually re-order based on date.

Reviewing the 'vse_matches.log' file each request appears to be correctly timestamped and in chronological order, so how is the this data retrieved / displayed within the console.

Lisa VSE v6.0.10.10

In addition, is there a setting that changes the apparent inspection view recent request list to more than the last 20 requests?