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RE: Can CA CEM be integrated to SAP SED?

Question asked by Bravomao on May 16, 2014
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Thanks for your detail explaination. The information and suggestions you mentioned are very useful!!

These're several question about the integrtion between CA CEM and SAP SED.

- If the version of SED is newest, I assume the event correlation from CEM to SED(agent) is work. Am I right? This is very important because customer'd like to see E2E transaction detail.

- If SAP asks customer to use RTV instead of SED, the integration we discussed still works or not?

-  What if we ask customer to have SED send the performance data to CA EM? Is it work?

Sorry I have so many questions.The solutions of this project will be confirmed this July. Since SAP leads the solution configuration of this project, the solutions I proposed has been decreased from CA APM to CA CEM only....