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FrontEnding SPS with LoadBalancer

Question asked by neeraj.gupta on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by neeraj.gupta

Hi All,


I have setup my environment where I have got Load Balancer in front of 4 SPS.


LoadBalancer is configured to distribute load based on Least Loaded server and sticky bit is on. LoadBalancer is also configured to check whether SPS is still listening on the specified port or not. Using the TCP Port Connectivity Method check. The process of heart beat are : -


When this method is selected, AppDirector attempts to connect to the specified application port by completing the TCP three-way handshake, which includes the following steps:

1.AppDirector initiates a request by sending a SYN packet.

2.The server sends a SYN-ACK packet back to AppDirector.

3.AppDirector sends a FIN-ACK packet to the server, completing the TCP 3 way handshake and requesting to terminate the connection.

4.The server replies with an ACK packet followed by a FIN-ACK packet.

5.To close the connection, AppDirector sends an ACK packet to the server.


The problem I am now is the connection stays in CLOSE_WAIT state and SPS stops serving request.


Please confirm where I start troubleshooting or is there any solution for same.


Thanks and Regards,