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Question asked by frederico.fontes-petrobras on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by Jeanne_Gaskill_CA_Clarity_Support

After upgrade from version 07 0032 to 04 3 some action items begun to show it's texts on english. Before the instalations they are presented in portuguese. 


"[pt: This action item has been assigned to you: 

Action Item: <text in portuguese>
Description: <text in portuguese>

<text in portuguese>
Creator: <text in portuguese> 
Object Name: <text in portuguese>

To access this action item, Click Here]" 
  • Next, we returned our development environment to version 07 0032 restoring the backup that was saved: Checked and action items were functioning correctly. 

  • Then, we performed the upgrade to version 13.3: checked the action items were still functioning properly. 

  • We installed the patch to version 04 3Checked and reproduce the problem. Action items returned to be presented in English. 

It seems that the defect is generated by version 04 3
I'm not sure if only happens when we start with the version 07 0032.

Have you had any similar problem? Can be a failure to update a message configuration file?

Thanks for your advice!