Access URL change for all Playbook users

Discussion created by Connie_Fu on Jun 11, 2014
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Dear CA Playbook User.

As of June 7, changes to the way you access CA Playbook have been implemented in order to accommodate an upgrade of another CA Cloud solution deployed on the CA SaaS Platform.  That upgrade requires a change to the URLs that are used by CA SaaS Platform and CA Playbook.

This change impacts the way you access CA Playbook.  Therefore, please make sure that appropriate steps are taken so that you may continue to access CA Playbook after the changes are implemented.

The primary URLs that are used for CA Playbook’s web based UI as well as the connection point for the iPad app will be changing as follows:


Previous URLs

New URLs

North America




The schedule for the update will be staggered by geography as follows:

North America – June 7 (done)

EMEA – August 16

APJ – August 30

Also, note that the CA Playbook iPad app has been updated to iTunes on June 7.  If you use the North America instance, you will need to upgrade your app from iTunes as soon as it is released or the iPad app will no longer function.

If you use the EMEA or APJ based instance, you should consider not upgrading your iPad app until your region is updated.  Due to a restriction regarding how URLs are implemented within the CA SaaS Platform the new version of the iPad app will only be able to use the new URLs.  If you upgrade the iPad app prior to your instance update, you will temporarily lose service with your updated iPad app until the update is completed.

North America customers will experience problem with loggin in, with "reset password" not sending out an email, if the old URL is used to access Playbook. Your existing credentials will work with the new URL

If you experience any issues after the changes are made, please contact CA Technical Support.