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GEL Question in Clarity 13.3

Question asked by juan.segovia on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2014 by Dave

Hi, in one of our dev environments I'm testing a simple process with a gel script to copy the value of a date attribute from one attribute to another.

I'm using this gel script:

<gel:setDataSource dbId="niku" var="dataSource"/>
<sql:update dataSource="${dataSource}">
 set date_origin = (SELECT date_comer from niku.ODF_CA_INV where ID= ${gel_objectInstanceId})
 where ID= ${gel_objectInstanceId}

The update itself seems to be ok since I tried this on the DEV SQL Management Studio and I got 1 row updated.

The problem is that my process in Clarity 13.3 fails stating a sintax problem near ) I assume the problem is with the ${gel_objectInstanceId}. Since when I use only one ID with the GEL it works.

This used to work fine in 13.2. Do you guys know if there was any kind of change in 13.3 and I need to use another thing instead ${gel_objectInstanceId}



PS: I'm completely aware of the risks regarding SQL updates I'm just trying to understand if something changed so I can be aware and consider it on any other process instance.