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Bulk Update of Staff Obs Unit in Project's Team

Question asked by AbhashK on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by Sriraj.silla

I have to update the value of field rsf_obsunit_id (Table - Prteam). For that i tried to update through gel using xog, but not get success, So tried to update through sql update, which is working fine.(below is the code)

Could anyone suggest me if it is ok to update through sql update or it may create some ambiguity in the data



<sql:update var="cur_inst">

Update prteam prt

Set prt.rsf_obsunit_id = NVL((select Obs_unit_id from nbi_dim_obs
where obs_type_id = 5000025
AND path = (select path from nbi_dim_obs where Obs_unit_id = prt.rsf_obsunit_id)),prt.rsf_obsunit_id)

where prt.prresourceid in (select prj.prid from PRTEAM prt1, PRJ_RESOURCES prj where prt1.prresourceid = prj.prid AND prj.prisrole = 1 AND prt1.prid = prt.prid)
AND prt.prprojectid = 5012602


Kindly help