Does the FTE Calculation take into account where you are in the month?

Discussion created by lisette.reilly on Nov 24, 2010
We're using a time scaled view of ETC assignments by month (using the Team Allocations data provider)
we're using the Work Effort Unit of Measure of FTE

The calculation for FTE works fine for future months because I believe it takes into account the number of hours available in the month when converting the assignment to FTE.
Assuming we'd planned properly, we'd expect to see 1 FTE for each resource for each month
When we are halfway through a month we still want to see that there is 1 FTE working on something in that month but instead we're seeing 0.5. In terms of the calculation i suppose this makes sense but in our real case, there's not half a person working on the project this month, there's a whole person.
Is there some way we can change this to show us the 'real' FTE?