Ussue using Elapsed Days/Months as lags with dependencies

Discussion created by elisayoung on Nov 29, 2010
Hi there,

We have just begun the implementation of Clarity at our organisation, and by far the majority of issues thus far are related to the integration with MS Project.

One such issue is: I want to use dependencies with lags of 3 elapsed months (e.g. 22FS+3emo). I save this into Clarity, and then close MS Project. Now back in Clarity I again open the Schedule, however it has changed the lag to 60 days (which I get is based on the 20 working days per month set in the Project Options). BUT... it should retain the elapsed months. Elapsed days & months seems to save just fine when used in the duration column - it is only an issue when used with dependencies.

Any idea as to why this would be???