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CL v12.1 customizing Project Filter overwrites user-customized filters

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Nov 29, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2010 by Dave
We are in the process of testing 12.1 in our test server. Comparing every portlet screen/attributes between the two systems to see what's different. Most of our customized pages were paved over by the upgrade. Makes sense on standard pages that we had customized.

The manual task of re-doing these pages to look like our users are used to, took some time but it is now done.

Then on to filter pages (flter sections). Here, we have some users that have locally customized their filters and lookup grids. All changes in the database were ported to the Test DB before the upgrade so we would have a baseline (i.e. test=production) before starting the upgrade to v12.1

My production version (12.0.5) did not have any filter customization as I never did any in my front-end (browser). Therefore I could tell the new default v12.1 layout had changed. Comparing both screens (12.0.5 and 12.1) side-by-side I made the 12.1 version look like the Project filters in 12.0

Someone from our team, acting as tester, noticed that her Project filter page in Test (12.1) which started with her own user-made customizations was lost, and it now looked like the defaults I had made in Clarity Studio 12.1

I asked CA several days ago if there is a way to preserve user-made customizations (don't know where they are kept), yet be able to offer a default filter screen more to our liking, for the users (most) that have not customized their own filters. No answer from CA yet. Does anybody know?

I am now looking at the Ideas filters and it also needs to be changed to look like our production (12.0) does, but I am weary of overwriting any user-made filter customizations and end up with angry users when we go live, so I am holding on this until I can figure it out. Any ideas?