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Help: Resource Allocations is not visible in histogram

Question asked by renee.maricque on Dec 3, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2010 by Rob-FCB
I am looking into changing our resource management to use Resource Allocations.
We are on v8.1.1. I am going to Resource Planning: Allocation, Weekly Detail. I see resources but there are no Allocations associted to them in the histogram. I spoke with someone at CA and they said I needed to set up the WEEKLYRESOURCEALLOCCURVE timeslice. All the Weekly resource curve time slices were set up and the time slice job was run. I still do not see anything.
When I go to the Allocations, Detail, Edit Mode everything is also blank. If I enter hours in the week and save, it goes blank again.
When I select on the resource's properties, they have allocations. If I select a project it shows the resources with allocations.

What do I need to configure to get allocation information to display?