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[Q] about the NBI_PROJ_RES_RATES_AND_COSTS table

Question asked by Keri Taylor on Dec 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
I feel like a complete dummy at this point..going over and over all this in my head.

I use NBI_PROJ_RES_RATES_AND_COSTS table to get my rates for resources per task for my report.

Does this table get over written or just updated each time the rate matrix job processes? The reason i ask is because, i have some users that are not getting correct results (rates).

Project set to billable
rate matrix set up (using roles)
resources (not all) were assigned correct roles
time was put to billable tasks
table doesnt reflect a rate on those that didn't have the correct role (okay for now)
changed the roles to reflect the correct roles based on the rate matrix
rate matrix extraction job is run
overnight processing done
rates still don't reflect the correct rate

am i missing something? Should we not see the correct rate?

For past data i know it doesn't change..or does it?, whatever was processed with the original rate will always reflect that rate, is that correct?

any help will be much appreciated as i can't grasp this any longer... ha ha