Authenticating in XOG via LDAP

Discussion created by Plidian on Dec 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2011 by Dave
Hey all,
I'm trying to setup a situation where a user is prompted for their username and password and then based on the information they provide the XOG process will either return an error indicating they aren't a user, are a user but don't have xog permissions, or are a user, have xog permissions but don't have permissions to the instance they're trying to modify.
All of these things XOG does by default. I've verified this on a test system.
The complication is that for the practical use of this application will be in an environment where everyone uses their windows domain password.
Since XOG doesn't support SSO I'll be executing the XOG against the 2nd app server that is not SSO enabled.
Ultimately if I could make XOG authenticate using LDAP/Clarity or make the passwords in clarity be the same as the LDAP users passwords I'd be fine. But as I understand it when Clarity is configured to use LDAP the password is verified against the LDAP server and then somehow clarity is told that the user is verified and they log in successfully.
Am I missing something really obvious?