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Oracle PowerPack Modifications

Question asked by JKW on Dec 8, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by Hiko_Davis
The current Wily Oracle Power Pack appears to have been written with Oracle 8 & 9.
I was just wondering if anyone had updated the Power Pack since then to take advantage
of Oracle 10 & 11. I understand there are different Oracle Management Tools, such
as OEM or Precise I3, but I'd like to be able to cross-correlate potential DB problems
with Application problems.

I've uncompressed the PPOracleDB.jar and there is a OrclSQlMetricMappings.conf file.
I was wondering if anyone has modified it for Oracle 10g or 11g to add additional
functionality? Here's a few of the items in the file.

Deadlocks:Enqueue Deadlock Count;SELECT value FROM V$SYSSTAT WHERE name='enqueue deadlocks';LongCounter
Full Table Scans:Large Table Count;SELECT value FROM V$SYSSTAT WHERE name='table scans (long tables)';LongCounter
Redo Log Files:Wait Count;SELECT total_waits FROM V$SYSTEM_EVENT WHERE event='log file parallel write';LongCounter
# this one is dynamic
Tablespaces|<tablespace_name>|<file_name>:Physical Reads;SELECT f.phyrds, d.tablespace_name, d.file_name FROM v$filestat f, dba_data_files d WHERE f.file# = d.file_id;LongCounter;;phyrds
Tablespaces|<tablespace_name>|<file_name>:Physical Writes;SELECT f.phywrts, d.tablespace_name, d.file_name FROM v$filestat f, dba_data_files d WHERE f.file# = d.file_id;LongCounter;;phywrts

Looks like the file could be modified then put back in the jar file to obtain additional metrics, but I'm not
an Oracle DB, and where I work, it's a bit of a DB silo, so I'm trying to find out if anyone modified the
Oracle PowerPack to pull in additional metrics or has any recommendations.

I know a few of the things I'd like to see, but I'm not sure of the SQL queries. ie.... dynamic memory pool information,
high water marks, running jobs, memory_target information, etc....