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Multi Selecting into Multi Values Lookups in an NSQL portlet

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Dec 9, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2010 by Robert Ensinger
Hi all.
I desire to have a Multi Select filter for a Multi Value Lookup in an NSQL grid portlet. The Multi Select rules out parameters, and of course I do not want to bring back a unique row per lookup. Essentially I'm looking for an "OR" out of the multi select and simply want to know if any of those values are "IN" the Multi Value for the portlet's unique item. I do not wish to bring the values to the portlet's grid UI, I merely want to filter to show who has hits for the users to drill into.

It's late and I've been pounding my head against this for a couple hours so I hope I'm making sense.

I'm scheming up sub selects and creating new views, so I thought I'd just toss this out here and walk away for a bit before I get myself into trouble.