CA Tuesday Tip: Purge Temporary Hierarchy Data Performance

Discussion created by Shawn_Moore Employee on Dec 14, 2010
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CA Clarity Tuesday Tip by Shawn Moore, Sr. Principal Support Engineer for 12/21/2010

Today's 2nd tip centers around running the Purge Temporary Hierarchy Data Job.

Run the Purge Temporary Hierarchy data job with the purging option set to "Clear all temporary data" . This is the recommended method to run the job and the job will likely be much faster (especially if the "Clear all temporary data" has never been performed before).

If you are experiencing performance issues related to running this job without the clear all option, you will most likely see queries updating and selecting from the PMA_AGGR_VALUES_VALIDITY table in your top query reports. (i.e. Oracle AWR or MS SQL Server Top Queries by Activity Reports)