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Project Assignment dates being updated automaticaly

Question asked by on Dec 15, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2010 by Dave
Hi All,

I have a PM that have several of his projects with some of the tasks assignments where the Start/End dates are being updated every monday.

That PM has created the project using Clarity interface and he only uses interface to manage the project, no MSP or any other tool.

Just to give you an example, lets suppose I create a project A and I have a task named "Deploying". I have a few resources assigned to work on that task.
One of the resources has an assignment of 14 hours.
Every monday the Start and End dates of this resource assignment are being updated to the current day, in our current case, the dates were updated to last Monday, Dec 13th.

One final tip, the task has no Actuals.

Does anyone has faced that before?
What could be updating those dates? To me it is clear some JOB/Process is doing it but I cannot find which one.

This is kinda strange since the PM does not touch the project on the monday but the dates get automatically updated.