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Changing the Task start date and end date

Question asked by sreeram.babu on Dec 23, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2010 by sreeram.babu
Hi all,
The request is the yearly update. For each year one of the project's task has to be updated for task's start and finish date.
For 2011, the client requested to set the date for all the tasks in that project to be 1/1/2011(start) and 31/12/2011(Finish), since both these dates fall on Saturday and they have been marked as NON-WORKING day in base calendar. When I try to set these dates, it jumps to nearest working days.

Is there a possibility to change the dates what Client requests(1/1/2011 ;31/12/2011) for particular tasks.

Please reply asap

thanks in advance