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How to Create a Portfolio containing Ideas

Question asked by nancy.latimer on Dec 28, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2010 by navzjoshi00
We are attempting to create a Portfolio containing only Ideas. (We have a minimum of 25 Approved Ideas)

To add to the Contents of the Portfolio, I have tried building a Power Filter on the Contents Tab for all Ideas where Idea Status = Approved, but I get the message "There are no Investments to Display".

So then I went to the "Individual Investments" area and attempted to add the Ideas one by one -- but the Select Investments Lookup only shows Projects.

Documentation on the CA-Support website states you can only see Investments that you have security access for. According to our system administrator, the two people who have tried to create this portfolio have security access to add/modify Ideas.

This seems to be a basic function and we're probably just missing some simple step.

Anyone have any suggestions?