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Wiring Clarity 12.1 and CABI3 together

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Dec 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2011 by Robert Ensinger
Hi folks. I've got a wierd one here. I'm having some issues wiring 12.1 & CABI3 together & would like to know other's experience and thoughts on below.

My environments are Windows Server 2003 32 bit, CABI is a fresh install. BO is up and running, the SIA is started, the LDAP synch is working,
1) I've imported the reports and they're running when executed from Clarity (running crystal shown below), but...
2) I have no Reports service installed (nor will it install, nor does it error when it doesn't install) and...
3) NSA is upset with the configuration, which is identical to what worked with CABI2 (with the addition of the "3" on the Home Directory path).

Anyone spot anything jumping out at them? Has anyone successfully wired these together & have everything up and running on Win Server 2003 32bit?