Bug in Clarity 12.1 with LDAP sync?

Discussion created by adam.snow on Jan 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2011 by Chris_Hackett

We have been running Clarity since 7.5.2 and have recently upgraded to 12.1 (we went to 8.x and then 12.0.x in between). In every version of Clarity we used, even 12.1, the LDAP sync has worked perfectly. The way the LDAP sync works is it gets all of the changed users from LDAP, and then XOGs them into Clarity in batches of 225 users at a time. It creates a log file in /logs/ldapsync/ for each batch of 225 users.

The problem is that ever since we upgraded to 12.1, it is only doing the first batch of 225 users and then stopping. No errors or exceptions are thrown, even with debug logging turned on. We have thousands of user records changing a day so getting only the first 225 in is causing lots of problems.

I have a ticket open with CA about this issue but just wanted to see if anyone else has seen the issue.