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Send reminder of action item expiry

Question asked by sreeram.babu on Jan 7, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by splogad
I've a request to send an email notification If an action item is not approved within 7 days.
Request is:
I've process in which one of the step sends and action item for approval ,If the action item is not approved by 7 days, I need to send an email to the approver asking to approve the action item.

Approval action in that step is manual action.

My idea is to add a post condition in which I could get the created date and check with system date if its more than 7 days, then i will send that step to next step where I could script a mail to approver.

The problem is the post condition doesn't allow me to compare created date with system date( and also arithmetic op allowed are =,!=.>.<) no difference operation :(

I wrote a custom script where I could compare the dates and send an email, but its not dynamic with the step mentioned above, I added the custom script with that manual step , could I make the Custom script action run synchronous with the manual action.

Could you help in this issue

Thanks in advance