Sizing & Performance Tune Your Wily Environment?

Discussion created by VLu on Jan 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2011 by paul_saivetz
Anyone wants to share how your organization size and performance tune your current Wily clustered environment?

I just assume the primary role administrating our Wily envrionment and the first thing I noticed is we have performance issue. Also we're approaching the 1,000,000 metrics mark, currently at 935K. Reading the Sizing and Performance Guide, it recommends 12GB heap size for MOM. 12GB heap size??? :O:O:O Anyone works with GC and application tuning would understand that a 12GB heap, at times, could be more harmful than helpful.

Environment - MOM (no failover), 4 Collectors
Total Agents - 435 (this is only for one environment. we have 5+ environments) :vader:
Total Metrics - 935,000