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How to create audit to avoid data-entry errors in vouchers/transactions?

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Jan 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2011 by another_martink
I am tasked with adding a new audit check to transaction entries and, being new at this and in my first one, I have a few questions. This is the requirement:

"Generate action item when the resource ID specified in a transaction entry detail record does not match the resource ID assigned to the task in the project plan (WBS)"

This means when you add a new transaction (Financial Management/Transaction Entry - new Voucher Expense), you typically add the Trans Date,and sundries like Task (select w/binoculars), Charge Code, Resource ID, Transaction Class, etc.

For Non Labor we have a set of "resources" all starting with "NLR" (Non Labor Related) costs like: "NLR - HARDWARE" / "NLR - SOFTWARE" / "NLR - TRAVEL" / "NLR- TRAINING" / etc., instead of using real people as resources for these financial costs.

The system doesn't validate for integrity and allows mistakes which we want to avoid. We want to create an audit and an action item for financial vouchers for Non_labor Expenses. If the entered Task (e.g. "Hardware Costs - Capitalized") does not match the Resource ID (e.g. "NLR - HARDWARE") as they entered the wrong "resource", we want an Action Item with an error message sent to the resource and their manager.

Where would I code this? The "Project Tasks: Work Breakdown Structure" tab and page for a certain project contain the acceptable values to check against for each project.

I looked at the Project Object but can't find where the "Tasks" tab is kept to be able to query and compare.

A pointer in the right direction would be appreciated. After do this first one I'll be able get on with all the other audit jobs I need to create.