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Time Slicing (Rollover) - Missing Data Problems?

Question asked by Dave on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Just posting this to see if anyone else has ever encountered this "problem" - I have raised a support case (#19958856) but support are not finding an existing bug reference, so if anyone else in the community has hit anything like this, or anyone at CA can comment, that would be cool!


I updated my system calendar on 31st Dec at 6pm (just to add in statutory holidays for the coming few years).

This has a significant knock-on effect to time slicing; in that a lot of data requires "re-slicing";
What gets flagged for reslicing is all the resource records (since the AVAILABILITY has changed), and all the TEAM records for those resources. (I was expecting this, which is why the change was made just prior to a weekend to give the job a chance to complete before the users got back after New Year).

(For info, I have 30000 resource records using my single calendar and ~207000 team records)


After all the data had processed I noticed that the AVAILABILITY slices (#1 and #7) were missing a lot of data. :O

Specifically, they only contained the data that would have been created as part of the 'rollover' and none of the data that should have been recreated as part of the 'reslicing'.

What I mean by this is;

My daily slice #1 is set from 1st Jan 2011 for 425 days
My monthly slice #7 is set from 1st Jan 2011 for 15 months

And after the slicing finished I only had data in slice #1 for February 2012 and slice #7 for March 2012 (this is the 'rollover data'). :sad

(the ALLOCATION (team) slices #6 and #10 were OK though)

It is as if the 'reslicing' of the existing AVAILABILITY data did not happen (in fact got removed rather than resliced)?

So I am wondering whether there is some contention between 'normal slicing' and 'rollover slicing' which I hit because my 'normal slicing' was processing in the period* that the 'rollover slicing' would have usually been expected to run? :wacko: (This is just guess work though)


It was fairly easy to "fix" the missing data, I just 'touched' the timeslicing set up for slices #1 and #7 (causing a rebuild of the entire slice) and the data was recreated (this took a few hours though).

( * - I was monitoring what was happening with the slices using the technique in this "TIP", but I was not able to tell whether the "missing data" was ever created by the slice since I was not really looking out for that! :blink: )

(I am on 8.1 fp3 on Oracle db)