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Transaction Actuals Sporadically updating after Import job

Question asked by TGuzek on Jan 18, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2011 by Connie_Fu
We have started to enter transactions both through manual and Xog methods, but after we run through the process of posting and running the Import Financial actuals job, we are seeing mixed results on the task as far as updates to the actual units. I have validated the correct Task, Resource ID, Project ID etc. and have even tested this with using the same Xog file and only changing the units to make sure. There are times when the actuals appear (both adding and decrementing) and times when the actuals do not change. In none of the cases were we decrementing more than the actuals that were in the task. the transactions are all appearing in WIP as expected.

Are there any other jobs or timing issues (like the timesheet posting) that we need to be aware of? Does it matter if the transaction dates and or the entry dates are the same?