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Where do you establish DB conection in a GEL process step?

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Jan 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2011 by Alex_Feldstein
I am trying to come to grips with GEL. I am tasked to add a step to an existing audit process.

I added a step at the end, copied the code from one of the (many) previous steps and modified the query, etc.

I don't get that far when it runs. Steps validate and activate fine, the process runs and sends a completion email, yet I get an error in the background process:

JellyTagException: null:31:30: <sql:query> Unable to get connection, DataSource invalid: "null"

This is telling me it is unable to establish a database connection.

All the previous existing process here, which have been running for a while, and the new one, have a line:

[font=Courier New] <!-- Set the data source to Clarity -->
<gel:setDataSource dbId="niku" var="connect"/>[font]

I do not see anywhere in each step, or the global step where a conenction is formally established (JDBC). There is a connection/login to XOG in them but nothing to the database. At first I thought it was my new step that was failing ,and that the connection must be established somewhere else, or be inherited from the running instance of Clarity. Then I found the failure is in the very first step! That one is already unable to get a connection.

I don't see a connection explicitly set anywhere. Where is the connection normally done? In the global step? Should not be in each step as they all run together on the same pool and at the same time, one after another. yet, I fail to see how the existing audit works (from the previous developer) .

Any pointer is appreciated.