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Question asked by Keri Taylor on Jan 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
OMG, this is getting so frustrating....... i have a custom report... been working correctly...then all of a sudden it doesn't return data....

The report runs in Actuate designer - data given
The report runs on Actuate iServer - data given
The report DOESN'T run through clarity - gives no data found.

I checked and rechecked the parameters, the connections, not sure what else to look for... ugh

The data is's just not getting to the report... without completely rebuilding the report, i am not sure what else to check....

its hard to check as i can step through Actuate designer but that's not the problem...its when its running through Clarity is the issue. that's why i am inclined to think its a parameter some where giving an issue... guess i need to rebuild the report in Clarity, going to try that next.

any thoughts would be welcomed...


EDIT: YUP, that was of the params were bad or something, cause i rebuilt all the params in Clarity and it's returning the data i would expect to see... yay.. ugh